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Cold Lemon Zoodles and Chewy Double Chocolate Cookies

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February is Love Your Fitness Month

Did You Know? Did you know that the majority of people ditch their New Years Resolutions by the second week of February? Seems logical since the weather this time of year doesn’t cooperate and there’s very little sunlight. It’s easy to lose motivation and stay inside where it’s warm. Most people will hit a plateau […]

Hip Flexor Stretches: Not Just for Athletes

It’s important to stretch your glutes and other hip flexors to maximize your range of motion and mobility. Spending  a lot of time sitting keeps the hip flexors in a shortened position. Having a job such as a desk attendant or similar profession where you’re more sedentary, leads to more constriction of the muscles which […]

New Year, New You: How To Stick To Your Fitness Goals

You know how once the holidays are over everyone is hitting up the gym, ready to take off the extra fluff they put on? How often do you see those same people go back to the gym or even maintain their weight-loss after about a month of joining? The answer….not many because they resort back […]