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Hip Flexor Stretches: Not Just for Athletes

It’s important to stretch your glutes and other hip flexors to maximize your range of motion and mobility.

Spending  a lot of time sitting keeps the hip flexors in a shortened position. Having a job such as a desk attendant or similar profession where you’re more sedentary, leads to more constriction of the muscles which make them very tight.

Having tight hips can lead to lower back pain especially since our lower back connects to our legs at the hip. Your lower back tends to overcompensate when your hips are tight making it hard for your pelvis to rotate properly.

It’s also difficult for your glutes to activate when your hips are tight because they are opposing muscle groups, when one is tight the other becomes lengthened. When this happens the more lengthened one becomes harder to contract. Since the glutes are stuck in that position, it causes other muscles to take over. Your workout will be compromised and there’s a higher risk of injury.

To combat tight hip flexors, try some of these stretches in the video. Stretching will help to keep them feeling good and improve your mobility. You can do these at the end of your workout or spend about 10-15 minutes of your day either inside or outside of the gym.

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