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New Year, New You: How To Stick To Your Fitness Goals

You know how once the holidays are over everyone is hitting up the gym, ready to take off the extra fluff they put on? How often do you see those same people go back to the gym or even maintain their weight-loss after about a month of joining? The answer….not many because they resort back to their old habits.

From my own experience and working with clients one on one, I came to find that most New Years resolutions are unrealistic and don’t fit most lifestyles.

Here are 5 tips that will actually help you nail your goals:

1. Look at your lifestyle

One of the first things I discuss with my clients is their current lifestyle. I want to know what kind of job they have, how early do they have to get up each morning, are they a student with more time on their hands or a busy mother of 3 trying to juggle everything.

Each person has a different lifestyle but that is no excuse to use if you’re not in the shape you want to be in. EVERYONE can get results.

Assessing your lifestyle will allow you to create your training and nutrition goals based off of your wants and needs. By doing the opposite, you’ll only get frustrated, bored and cycle back to old habits once the New Years motivation runs out.

2. Create a SMART goal and prioritize

Saying that you want to “lose some fat” is setting you up for failure. Your goal should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time).

Another way to say this would be:

“I want to lose 15 pounds in 16 weeks so I can fit into that wedding dress I have my heart set on and feel good!”

Notice that I started off with saying a specific amount of pounds followed by a measurable/ achievable goal in a determined time frame. When you say it like that, you’re telling your subconscious that this is what it will take to get your results. Make this a top priority and write down a couple of small goals that will help you get closer to the final product. You will need to be consistent in order for it to work.

3Use the right habits

In order to make your new goals fit your lifestyle, you’ll need to have good habits.

These include:

* Eating protein with every meal

* Eat a good mix of healthy fats (nuts, fish, avocado etc) daily

* Eat a good mix of greens daily

*Try to eat every 2-4 hours

* Drink at least 3 liters of water

These habits can be tailored to any lifestyle so you can decide what works for you.

4. Hold yourself accountable

After you have assessed your lifestyle, set some goals and started following good habits, you now need to be accountable to it.

It’s very hard to stick even to the most perfect diet or training regimen if you lack accountability. It won’t be sustainable and you’ll fall off track more times than not.

One of the most effective methods, is by telling all of your friends and family what you’re doing so they understand and can help keep you from straying. Another way is to hire a trainer who has both knowledge and experience working with people one on one who can guide you and make you focus on your goals.

Even finding a workout buddy will help. You’re most likely willing to do it if your friend is also going to be there doing it with you. On the contrary if your partner isn’t feeling up to it but you are, they don’t want to let you down by not showing up.

5. Set some performance goals in the gym

Training wouldn’t be fun if you didn’t have something to work on.

Having a focus will help to keep you consistent on the days when you really want to slack off.

On top of having a body composition goal like losing 15 pounds in 16 weeks, add a physical goal such as: ” I want to do 10 unassisted pull ups with perfect form in 15 weeks.”

Make sure to celebrate the small wins. When you complete a smaller goal like, doing 3 pull ups with good form, it wll give you more motivation to work towards the bigger goal.

The  new year is a great time to work on new things and motivate those who want to get in great shape.

Following good habits, setting the right goals, and holding yourself accountable are all important things to keep your resolutions.

By experience I know that nothing is ever easy without hard work and discipline. As long as you follow the steps I have  listed in this article, it will become easier.

I hope that you have a very happy New Year and good luck in all your fitness endeavors in the years to come!


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