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Training with Ashlee has really changed my life for the better. Before I started with her, I was obese and miserable. I was so unhealthy! My blood pressure was high, cholesterol too! I had a bad habit of binge eating for days at a time. I had managed to lose a decent amount of body fat on my own through various weight loss programs, but I eventually got stuck. I couldn't lose weight any more and I was very unhappy with who I was inside and out. I developed a really unhealthy relationship with food and struggled to feel like I was making progress. Ashlee taught me not only how to train my muscles, tone my body and get stronger, but also taught me to see change isn't always scale-based. She also spent time and incorporated a personalized diet and nutrition plan for me. She helped me learn how to eat in a way that was healthy for my body AND brain. I've changed my relationship with myself and food entirely. We all struggle with self image and I know that battle for me will be a long one, but I have gained an immense amount of confidence, endurance, strength and HEALTH with Ashlee. My blood pressure is normal without my meds, my cholesterol is at an all time low, and most importantly, my clothes show that I really have made progress that even a scale can't always see.
Anna Jeffries
Ashlee has been the inspiration I need to achieve my personal fitness goals. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional in the field of physical fitness. I enjoy talking with her about my goals, and she always listens and creates workouts based on what we have discussed. It is quite evident that Ashlee has her own goals by looking at her, but I enjoy talking to her about what she is trying to achieve as well. My whole life has revolved around trying to live healthy and work out on a regular basis, but I have always fallen short due to excuses of being too busy. Ashlee and I have discussed this problem and she encouraged me to take my health seriously and make it my number one priority. Our workouts are fun, challenging and full of great conversation about diet and goals. We also talk about personal information and I consider her a friend. I look forward to another great year of maintaining and achieving even greater fitness goals with Ashlee as my trainer, mentor, and friend.
Carolyn Sabolcik
I have worked with Ashlee almost a year now following a painful injury induced by my own “self-coaching” approach! I knew I needed resistance training to maintain my strength, but every time I tried to advance I ended up hurting myself. Ashlee designed an individualized training program that has allowed me to increase my strength, balance and agility; all injury free! Ashlee has the brains and the heart) to help anyone achieve the brawn!
Mary Jo Hunter
Back in March of 2018 when I reached out to Ashlee for training, I intended for it just to be for weight loss. It's been quite the journey and I have learned so much! I really began to enjoy strength training and if it wasn't for Ashlee pushing me, I wouldn't be where I am now. I am down about 20 pounds and have gained strength! I have also gained confidence in myself and I'm more comfortable in my own skin. I am excited to see where the next few months will take me.
Jackie Nickelson
Bonnie has come a long way from where she first started. She is a beloved mother, grandmother and wife and is very selfless. She's always on the go helping others and goes above and beyond her duties. When Bonnie came to me she not only wanted to lose weight but wanted to be stronger. She's had many roadblocks throughout her life which prevented her from achieving perfect health. However, despite these set backs she continues to show up and give it her all. Here's what she has to say: "When I started working out I was very weak but I have gained so much strength. Thank You Ashlee!"
Bonnie Chamberlain
My time with Ashlee one on one was GREAT! She was highly motivated and it rubbed off on me! She showed real interest in my overall fitness and end results. She worked with me and encouraged me along my journey and made it fun! I lost inches in some areas and gained muscle, losing a total 15 pounds! She is fantastic and continues to inspire me as I continue to exercise and do the things she taught me. My clothes fit entirely different. I can see my muscles through my clothes that I didn't even know existed before!
Pam Dougherty